Elisabeth Thoburn

Culture Circuit Inventor, Educator, Lecturer, Event Organizer, Traveler, Grandmother and a few more things.

My life is teaching, my love is traveling.  Ever since childhood have I ventured as far as I could to experience other places, other people, other customs.  All along people were worried about me.  But my history is good:  I have come back safe and sound from everywhere.  From hitch-hiking across Eastern Europe deep into the old Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s; from India, China, or Peru.  From Pakistan, too – even though it was the time Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in 2007.

My background is art history.  As people in my field know – one has to see the real thing to put all the book learning into perspective.  Ever since I started teaching, my travels have been the back-bone of my classes and the starting point for many public lectures.  I love sharing my experiences and I love connecting the art and history of the past with people’s lives of today.   I love to bring the world to my students as so many of them can not travel the way I have been privileged to do.

My desire is to continue to explore interesting places and share my experiences with others.  That is why I decided to organize Culture Circuit, providing an opportunity for myself and others to meet and talk about the wonderful places in this world.  I hope Culture Circuit will become a platform for me and others to be creative and to express their talents and interests.



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