Elisabeth Thoburn's CULTURE CIRCUIT

My vision of Culture Circuit includes a variety of cultural events hosted by different people...You perhaps?  The events could be talks and performances such as chamber music, talks by other presenters and tours to local monuments and museums - in a variety of media, genres and disciplines

Culture Circuit's first salons were held in the Winter of 2018 and included three 'journeys':

  • A trip through the history and sites of Cuba

  • A comparison between East Germany and North Korea

  • The St. Louis Arch with its surprising and amazing Finnish and Michigan connections

In the Winter of 2019, three more salons were held and included:

  • A history of the Frauenkirche Church

  • An exploration of the culture of the Aztecs

  • A tour through the Borobudur Stupa and an introduction to Buddhism

Six local hosts opened their homes for these events.   In small settings, typically no more than 25-35 people, an hour and a half lecture was preceded and followed by a social hour with light refreshments, drinks and socializing.

I hope you will join me as I continue with my endeavor to share interesting and relevant cultural events with my friends, students, neighbors…anyone who is interested.

Until we have the new lecture series posted, please explore a more detailed description of the six past lectures, and if you are interested in us repeating any, there is a form you can complete to indicate your interest.

And by going to EVENTS & RSVP on the menu, there is a form on which you can give us suggestions for topics you might be interested in having Elisabeth cover in her mulit-media presentations.